Sometimes recycling efficiently can be a truly hard puzzle to solve due to the diversity of materials that exist.

To increase the efficiency of recycling the American company AMP Robotics has created Clarke, a robot that recognizes everything that is packaging and separates it in the correct way.

Working at a garbage disposal facility in Denver, Clarke robot uses a camera that allows it to distinguish milk, juice and food packaging. Its electronic arm and suction system helps it to remove these items from the general waste and separate them into recycling bins.

With a capacity of separating 60 objects per minute, this collaborator offers a degree of precision of about 90%, making it much more efficient than the human being in the same task. It also has the advantage of being based on an Artificial Intelligence system, which means that the more you work, the more you learn and the more efficient you become.

The new challenge and the main goal is to make it possible for the robot to be more specific, for example by now the robot is able to recognize plastic bottles but in a soon future it will be able to recognize the brands of the bottles.

Image: Recycling Product News

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