About Us


EDP ​​Renewables ​​has a serious commitment to the sustainability of the planet, specifically with environmental protection. We want a greener future for all and our business is already proof of that: we produce electricity from renewable energy sources, contributing to the reduction of CO₂ emissions.

But we want more!

So we created iHEARTH website.

This site appears as a community outreach platform, intending to warn for a shared responsibility in protecting the earth’s environment. The news, the presentation of projects and ideas, the disclosure of tips and good environmental practices are essential tools that iHEARTH offers as a way of helping all the readers with the important task of loving and saving the planet.

Through iHEARTH we will also show you all initiatives of EDP Renewables ​​associated with energy efficiency and the improvement of environmental protection and share important values for a strong and effective sustainability of the environment.

Stay tuned!

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