Using drones to plant trees may be the answer for many communities involved in reforestation processes. These small flying objects can plant trees at a much faster rate than any human, and with practically the same level of effectiveness.

BioCarbon Engineering is a company specializing in this activity and the process works as follows: First, a drone flies over the area identifying the topography, obstacles and the most suitable points for planting. The drone can even choose different ideal locations, depending on the species of tree. Then, the other drones take action, transporting the “capsules” and firing them towards the ground, in the exact place and with enough strength to bury it in the ground. The capsules are perfectly biodegradable and facilitate the germination of the seed. Each drone can even carry several species and a single operator can pilot up to six drones. Under ideal conditions they can plant up to 100,000 trees per day.

There are those who use helicopters to make massive plantations, the difference here is that the seeds are not thrown into the gutters, nor are they at risk of hitting rocks.  This allows humans to focus on more important jobs such as looking after the growth of the trees and welfare of the forests.

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