Everyone knows how hard it gets sometimes to control the time we spend in the shower. However, with the scarcity of resources it becomes imperative to save water and this is a great way to strat doing so.

Hydrao is a smart and economical shower. It has a coupled LED system that changes color during the shower according to the amount of water that is being spent. For example, if the color turns red it means that we are spending a lot of water (about 189 liters) while if it is green it is a sign that we are spending little (9.84 liters). If the light turns yellow then you probably should start thinking about finishing your shower before it gets red.

In the last phase, the light also blinks to indicate the danger of wasting so much water to wash yourself. Hydrao is also paired with Bluetooth smartphones and reports on your baths. Hydrao has yet another function that is friendly to the environment and friendly to your wallet. While making the report on your baths it makes an automatic calculation of the rate paid and shows how much you spend on your water consumption. A small investment in this shower can save a lot of money on your finances, but more importantly, it helps save the environment.

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