This is a real innovation made of toilet paper. Recognized as one of the world’s most serious recyclers, in Netherlands investigators have now come up with a way to use the used toilet paper on the asphalt.

The project is still in the testing phase, but CirTec and KNN Cellulose, the leading Dutch companies, are optimistic. Soon a stretch of a kilometer of road will be paved with this new component, which despite coming from the sewer, is completely recovered. Prior to its use, the paper passes through a waste recycling system where its fibers are withdrawn from the waste water through an industrial sieve. After this process, they are taken to a treatment plant where they are filtered, cleaned and sterilized at very high temperatures.

After these operations a paste is obtained that can be added to the composition of the asphalt and which, according to the technicians who are supervising this process, helps to give more permeability to the soil, increasing the water absorption capacity of the rain, and more durability to the track. This product, according to its manufacturers, can also be used to produce bioplastics and other building materials.

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