Do not buy more furniture for your home until you visit the Pentatonic website. This start-up, founded by Jamie Hall, a former marketing director of Levi’s in the UK, and Johann Boedecker, a young entrepreneur of German origin, has created a new line of modern, modular and sustainable furniture.

The company decided to show that it is possible to create products of high quality with exclusively recycled materials, and on a large scale. But unlike other similar brands, Pentatonic’s commitment goes beyond simple recycling.

All garbage is selected based on its properties and possibilities of application. Afterwards, tables and chairs are designed to be assembled without the need for tools – instead, the components themselves help to assemble each piece. This means that the wastes are minimized, and no toxic glues or resins are needed.

The collection is composed of modular chairs and tables, with interchangeable parts. And also glass products made from smartphones. On the site you can find a list of all the garbage used in the production of each piece. Most of the waste used as raw material comes from London and Berlin, where the brand’s offices are located. The rest comes from Taiwan, responsible for the largest concentration of glass remains of smartphones in the world.

But that’s not all. The company also works on a “circular economy” system. This means that customers can sell pieces of furniture to Pentatonic so they can be recycled and then reintroduced into the chain.

As they point out on the site, “creatively, each incarnation can be better than the last – and with less impact. Waste does not have to end up on Earth, the environment is not destroyed by the extraction of more resources and recycled products have a lower carbon footprint than virgin materials”.

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