Recently shocking images have been released that reveal the real consequences of global warming and climate change. The destruction of habitats endangers the lives of species and of entire ecosystems. Although this seems to be a distant reality, the death of this polar bear has triggered a new wave of manifests on behalf of the environment.

A group of photographers and videographers captured the last moments of a polar bear’s life, which ended up starving to death on Baffin Island, Canada, where ice is no longer abundant. The images were recently revealed. They show an increasingly common reality among these wild animals, but they do not stop shocking people all over the world. “We were there crying, filming with tears falling on our faces,” confessed one of those responsible for the documentary, published by National Geographic. In the pictures, you can see the bear fighting for its life with little more than bones skin and fur as it crawls for food in an ice-free zone. For some moments it looked for remains in a rubbish bin long abandoned by local fishermen. It finds nothing and ends up collapsing on the ground, starving.

The images turned out to be controversial since the reporters did nothing to help the bear. “We thought about it, but we did not have a tranquilizer or pounds of meat with us,” said one of the photographers, who believes that even if he did something it would only prolong the suffering of the animal. In addition, it is illegal to feed wildlife in Canada. However, the photographer assured that he captured the moment for the animal not to die in vain.

When scientists say that bears are close to extinction, it is important for people to know what that means. Bears will die of starvation. This is what is happening and this is how a bear starves. If we do not want these images to be repeated, we need to be more proactive in the fight against global warming.

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