Have you ever imagined planting a tree for every step you take? It is now possible!

Known by FytoStick, it is a walking stick that plants a seed to each down movement of your hand. Each recharge has a capacity between 150-500 seeds, depending on the type of seeds you choose. Besides the stick there is also an app called MyFyto that allows the users to know where they have planted the seeds, the distance traveled and the goals reached.

The main objective of this staff is to influence the relationship between humans and nature in a positive way. Although it is a very noble goal, some ethical questions arise. One of the main concerns is the spread of invasive species. Another of the concerns is related to the masking of the rails. To solve the first problem, users can count on the help of the app to realize which endemic species and seeds are ideal for the region. As for planting seeds on the trail itself, this is something that has been happening since the dawn of time. If it happens, the seeds themselves will not take, so the owners should try to get off the beaten path and spread seeds in a different way and not so walked by area. In addition to these measures, the staff can be locked to prevent it from planting. This way it can be used on a normal walk in areas where it is not desired to plant seeds.

It is safe to say that the FytoStick is a great helper both for humans and nature.

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