London hosted another edition of the World Nake Bike Ride initiative on the 10th of June, filling the capital’s streets with bare or partially clad cyclists.

Participants protested against the human being’s dependence on automobiles, at the same time alerted to the vulnerability of cyclists and celebrated the freedom of the body.

Nudity is not a mandatory requirement to participate in this event, many have opted to go partially dressed or with body painted. Some of the participants wrote in the body messages like “burn fat, do not burn oil” or “why can’t we do this every day?”

About 1,000 cyclists pedaled through central London, including Whitehall, Parliament, Westminster Bridge, Covent Garden, The Mall and Wellington Arch. The tour had a circular route of nine miles, which lasted approximately two and a half hours to complete. This is a worldwide event, as the World Naked Bike Ride takes place on different days in more than 70 cities around the world. In addition to London, many cyclists also pedaled, for example, in Manchester, Barcelona, ​​Los Angeles and Brighton.

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