The Netherlands, Germany, France and Norway are some of the countries that have already announced the end of gasoline and diesel cars in the next few years.

More and more electric cars are circulating so it is only natural that service stations also start to change quickly. It doesn’t come as a surprise that a German company already has plans to build what will be “the world’s largest fast-charging electric vehicle (PRC). According to recent news, this station will be installed on the busy A8 motorway in Germany, between the cities of Ulm and Augsburg, and will feature 144 loading doors, allowing more than 4000 cars to be loaded in a single day. The best feature pf the station is that 24 of the 144 charging ports could have 350 kW (kW) load capacity, which outperforms the Tesla “supercharger” with a capacity of about 150 kW.

Sortimo, the company responsible for the project, says that Innovations Park Zusmarshausen (named for this PRC) could save 29.5 million liters of fuel and save nearly 60,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. But that’s not all. This post of the future may have offices, shops and restaurants, and the press release reveals an environmentally friendly architecture with green roofs and predicting that the energy supply will be made using renewable energy. According to Sortimo, solar energy can be stored at the station and used during peak times in networks of neighboring companies and private houses.

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